Running RAM diagnostics

1. Press Win + R keyboard shortcut. Enter the command “mdsched” (without quotation marks) and press “OK”.

2. A new window will appear. Select the “Restart now and check for problems (recommended)” option.

3. After rebooting the device, the test with default parameters will start. Press the F1 key to change them. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select the “Extended” parameter.

4. Next, disable the cache so that the application accesses the RAM itself directly and is not interfered with by anything. To switch to another line, press the TAB key and select “Off”.

5. Press the TAB key to switch to another line. Set the number of sets to “15”.

6. Press the F10 key to start the RAM diagnostics. Wait for it to complete. A notification with the test results will appear on the screen after the operating system boots.


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