E-mail access lost

I lost access to my e-mail

We can completely change the email on your EXBO account.

In order to do this, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new EXBO account and log in to the support centre.
  2. Using your new EXBO account, submit a ticket to our support team.
  3. Attach to the ticket a description of the situation that led to the email being lost.

Attention! The EXBO account must be new, as it is used for the recovery procedure. A new EXBO account is considered to be one that has been created within 72 hours.

Steam, VK Play, 4game accounts are not eligible for the recovery procedure.

What to do after successful restoration of access?

After a successful recovery, the following steps should be performed:

  1. Follow all the recommendations in the EXBO account security guide.
  2. Enable all possible security on the new email you've specified.
  3. Contact your email service support to restore your previous email.


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