Custom music function

Usage warning

Attention! EXBO company does not assume any responsibility for the use by users of the “Custom music” function, which is integrated into the STALCRAFT game from 20/12/2023. Each user is solely responsible for its use, as well as for the materials that are uploaded to it.

Information about the “Custom music” feature

The “Custom music” feature is a functionality of the STALCRAFT game, which allows users to upload and use their own music on the safe zone radio instead of the standard music.

Currently, we support the following sound file extensions: “mp3”, “ogg”, “wav”.

Activating the “Custom music” function in the STALCRAFT game

1. Depending on your platform (EXBO, Steam, VK Play, 4Game) open the folder with the STALCRAFT game.

2. Open the “radio” folder and transfer the sound files “mp3”, “ogg”, “wav” to add to it.

3. Start the STALCRAFT game. In the main menu, select the desired character and go to the server.

4. On the server, press the ESC key to open the menu. Go to the “Settings” section.

5. Open the “Sound” subsection. Set the “Radio” parameter to “Disabled”. The function is activated.


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