In-game chat access banned

What are these bans issued for?

Such bans are issued by our moderators for violating in-game chat rules.

Most of them are issued based on complaints sent by players through a special system, and only a few of them are issued by the staff members when a violation is detected.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the applicable documents so that you do not inadvertently violate them:

About the bans' issuance system

The system is progressive. This means that the length of your sentence depends directly on the number of offences you have committed. The more offences you have had in the past, the longer the sentence will be in the future.

The first ban is always a warning one, and you can unblock it by yourself.

To do this, write the following sentence in any section of the in-game chat:

I promise not to repeat this behavior and understand that any further violations will result in longer blocks

It is very important to write it as it is presented, respecting all capital letters and punctuation. If there are mistakes, extra spaces or characters, the system will not credit your answer, and you will have to write the sentence again until it is written correctly.

Is it possible to get a permanent chat ban? Yes, it is possible. It is only issued if you have previously received multiple penalties for in-game chat offences.

How do I know the reason for ban? The reason for ban is displayed when you try to send a message.

How do I get proof of guilt?

According to clause 5.3 of the licence agreement, evidence of guilt is not provided to the players under any conditions or scenarios. The clause itself has the following interpretation:

5.3. Upon imposing the above-mentioned penalties, EXBO Company is not obliged to provide the User with any proof or confirmations that indicate the violation of any provisions of the Agreement made by the User that resulted from suspension or restriction of the access to the Game or to its part.

How can I review the in-game chat ban?

This ban can only be reviewed if you think it has been incorrectly received. If you admit guilt but want the restriction to be lifted prematurely, you will not be able to do so.

If you have been blocked incorrectly or mistakenly, you can leave a complaint about the moderation by sending an email to [email protected]. Complaints are reviewed within 30 days. Technical support does not accept requests to review such bans.

Attach the completed form that follows to your letter.

Form to review the in-game chat ban

Please fill in the following form and paste it into the text box of your letter:

  1. Name of the character that is banned in the game:
  2. Name of game platform (EXBO / Steam / VK Play / 4Game):
  3. Name of the region you are playing in (RU / EU / NA / SEA):
  4. The reason for which the game ban was received:
  5. Description of the situation and your opinion about the ban:


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