Configuring the Proton VPN service

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Configuring the Proton VPN service

1. Go to the official website of the Proton VPN app and click “Get Proton VPN now”.

2. Below the tariff plans, click “Get Proton Free” to download the free version.

3. A new selection window appears. Click the “Continue with free” button to continue.

4. Create an account for the Proton VPN app. Be sure to save the data for it.

5. After registration, open the application page and click “Download Proton VPN”.

6. Run the downloaded installer and install the app. Afterwards, run it.

7. Enter the Proton VPN account details and click the “Sign in” button to authorise.

8. In the upper left corner, click "Quick Connect" and wait for the process to complete.


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