Ban for violating clause 4.1.12

Content of clause 4.1.12 of the licence agreement

Clause 4.1.12 of the licence agreement for all platforms has the following interpretation:

4.1. User shall not perform the following actions in relation to the Game:
4.1.12. Post and/or otherwise use obscene, abusive, and offensive words and phrases in the Game, including in the name of the In-Game Character (Nickname). Use the Game for posting materials or any information that is offensive, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, insulting, or degrading to the honour and dignity of other users or third parties.

To read the licence agreements for each platform, click on the links below:

What do I do if I receive a ban?

If you do not admit your guilt and if you consider this ban to be erroneous, you have the right to request a review of your in-game ban at our technical support centre.

For this, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Enable two-factor authentication by app, depending on your platform.
  2. Send a ticket to our technical support and attach the filled in form to it.

Attention! Create a ticket from the account on which the character is located.

Game ban review form

Please fill in the following form and paste it into the text box of your ticket:

  1. Name of the character that is banned in the game:
  2. Name of game platform (EXBO / Steam / VK Play / 4Game):
  3. Name of the region you are playing in (RU / EU / NA / SEA):
  4. The reason for which the game ban was received:
  5. Description of the situation and your opinion about the ban:


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