Bug report of the game quest

What should I do if I find a bug in the game quest?

If you find any bugs related to the game quest or story character, you can tell us about it. By doing so, you will make the game better for yourself and other players.

Please use the special form to report any bugs to our support centre. Copy it, paste it into a new ticket and fill it out according to the points. Then send the ticket to us.

Please create a separate ticket for each bug, rather than sending it all in one. This will significantly simplify the work of the support team, as well as slightly accelerate its fixing.

Form for a bug report of the game quest

  1. Name of the character where the problem occurs:
  2. The platform you play on (EXBO/Steam/VK Play/4Game):
  3. The region you play on (RU/EU/NA/SEA):
  4. Date and time when the bug was found:
  5. The Time Zone where you are located:
  6. The storyline where the bug was found:
  7. The quest where the bug was found:
  8. The location where the bug was found:
  9. The faction you belong to:
  10. Detailed description of the found bug:
  11. Screenshots or video of the bug:
  12. A screenshot of the quest from your PDA:

We ask you to upload videos to YouTube or any drive and only send us links to them. When uploading them, give them link access. Under no circumstances leave them public.


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