Complaint about in-game violation

What complaints can be accepted by the support team?

Our support team accepts all complaints, except the following ones:

  • Complaints about violations committed in game chat;
  • Complaints about the use of third-party software (clause 4.1.1).

You can submit the above complaints using the functionality:

Other types of complaints you can send by creating a ticket to our support centre. In the text box of the ticket, attach the filled in form, located in the section below.

Form for filing a complaint against a player

  1. Name of the character you are playing on:
  2. Name of the player who violated the rules:
  3. The platform you play on (EXBO/Steam/VK Play/4Game):
  4. The region you play on (RU/EU/NA/SEA):
  5. Date and time when the violation occurred:
  6. The Time Zone where you are located:
  7. Description of the violation:
  8. Proofs of guilt (Screenshots/Video):

We ask you to upload videos to YouTube or any drive and only send us links to them. When uploading them, give them link access. Under no circumstances leave them public.


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