Complaint about a moderator

How to file a complaint about a moderator?

Complaints about the EXBO moderator department staff can be submitted by sending an email to [email protected]. The review period for complaints is 30 calendar days.

The following reasons are not a cause for a complaint about a member of the EXBO moderation staff:

  • Obtaining any kind of blocking in the STALCRAFT game and for any reason;
  • Refusal to review a blocking received in the STALCRAFT game;
  • Problems with the distribution system or balance in the STALCRAFT game;
  • Request for amnesty, that is, removal of any STALCRAFT game blocking.

Attach the filled-in form, which can be found below, to your letter.

Form for filing a complaint about 
a moderator

  1. Name of your game character:
  2. Name of the moderator who committed the violation:
  3. Name of game platform (EXBO/Steam):
  4. Name of the region you play on (EU/NA/SEA):
  5. Name of the resource where the violation occurred:
  6. Date and time when the violation occurred:
  7. The time zone you are located in:
  8. Detailed description of the violation committed:
  9. Evidence of the staff member's guilt (screenshots/video):