Authorization in EXBO via Steam

About authorization via Steam

You can log in via Steam on the official EXBO website.

This will allow you to link your Twitch account to your EXBO account.

This enables you to receive Twitch Drops for watching live broadcasts.


Q: Can I authorize in the EXBO Launcher using Steam account?
A: Yes, it is possible to log in to the EXBO Launcher via Steam.

Q: Can I link my Steam account to my EXBO account?
A: No, linking a Steam account to an EXBO one is not currently available.

Q: Can I transfer characters from my EXBO account to a Steam one?
A: No, as it is not possible to transfer characters between platforms.

Authorization via Steam

1. Go to the official EXBO website and in the top right corner click on Log in button.

2. A login window will appear. At the bottom, click on the button that has the Steam platform icon.

3. A new website will open. Enter your Steam account details and press the Sign in button.

4. Done! You have successfully logged in to the official EXBO website via Steam.


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