Changing the email on an account

Email recommendations

Email is the primary way to regain access to your EXBO account.

Before changing the email, be sure to take care of its security.

Changing the email on the EXBO account

1. Go to the official EXBO website and log in if necessary.

2. Hover over the EXBO account login and press the “Account settings” button.

3. In the “Email” section, enter the new email address and press the “Confirm” button.

4. Enter the code from the two-factor authentication method and press the “Send” button.

5. Open your previous email and look for the letter from EXBO.

6. Open this letter. In it, click on “Confirm Email Address” or follow the link.

7. Next, open the email you entered. Look for an email from EXBO.

8. Open this email. In it, click on “Change email address” or follow the link.

9. After two confirmations, the email on the EXBO account will be changed automatically.


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