How to become a moderation worker?

What is this article about?

If you have opened this article, it means that you really want to become a moderator in our company, or at least you are thinking about it. We have never published an article about the work of moderation staff before, but everything happens the first time, and this article is just about that.

How do we choose candidates for moderation?

Our main goal is to keep a sober mind and sympathise equally with all users. When making a decision, employees remove almost all emotions and are guided solely by available regulations, which they have previously familiarised themselves with once they have been hired.

In order to find the best candidates, we examine them in a variety of ways. At the first stage, we exclude candidates under the age of 18, foreign citizens without the necessary documents, and anyone who cannot adequately write a few sentences about themselves.

For those who are found appropriate for us, we send various tests and ask a series of questions to assess a person's ability to make competent decisions in situations of varying difficulty. 

We check the completed tests and answers to questions with special care, as they help us to understand how the candidate will cope with different situations.

As in all other internal areas of moderation life, there is openness in the selection of future employees. Every moderator has the right to participate and give their opinion on the answers you will send during the testing and interview process.

What does it mean to be a moderator?

Being a moderator is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Working with people means frequent stress, burnout, and on days of updates, especially major ones, the overall workload increases many times over.

Some candidates think of moderation work as just issuing penalties for the same offences. After all, it is simple, you just need to prescribe various commands for issuing punishments and get paid for it, which is inherently wrong judgement.

About 80% of moderators' work consists of constant monitoring of various resources to maintain order on them. When an offence occurs, a moderator has to understand the nature of the offence and make the right decision based on the various regulations.

Only 20% of the work is various consultations and communicating with users on all kinds of topics.

Not every person will be able to endure such work, no matter how simple it may seem.

When and how do moderation recruitments happen?

Recruitment for moderation is performed on an as-needed basis, which is quite logical. It is natural that with the growth of the game, there will be a need for more staff. However, we do not always solve the problem of a large flow of players by increasing the number of our employees.

Generally, we think first about functionality and employee convenience. The more convenient the tools and the better staffed, the faster and without loss of quality our answers are sent, and thus the joy of our users will not know its limits.

If we are in the process of recruiting, a vacancy appears in the job section of EXBO company website. In addition to our website, the vacancy may appear on various third-party job search platforms. For example, on the well-known HeadHunter platform.

What kind of candidates are we looking for moderation?

Based on all of the above, we are looking for people with a certain mindset: attentive, thoughtful, patient. Those who understand that working in moderation is an art, not just talking to strangers or giving template answers for a certain salary.

In addition, we are looking for candidates who are willing to work in a good, friendly and, most importantly, active team. Moderators are a team that is recruited for a sufficiently long period of time. As a result, close friendships are formed within it, smoothly flowing into pleasant conversations and evenings, exchange of experience and other cooperative activities.

If you have read this article to the end and clearly sure that you are ready for such a difficult job, then the most difficult thing remains is to wait for the placement of the vacancy on various resources.

Remember, miracles don't happen to those who do nothing. We wish you good luck!