Artefact compensation 17/5/2023

Until June 17, you will have the opportunity to receive compensation for resources spent on artefact upgrades. This feature is available for all artefacts that your character has (including those in the mail and containers).

You have 2 options of artefact compensation: removing personalization from the artefact (in case you just want to sell the improved artefact), and resetting the potential with a return of all the energy spent (if you think that this artefact is no longer worth improving).

If you choose the second option, you also get resources based on the average cost of the artefact upgrade (which does not involve the use of catalysts, and the maximum charge is restored once by the results of the upgrade). In total, you will receive:

  • Lots of anomalous batteries;
  • Protoartefacts on the basis of one recovery to maximum strength;
  • No catalysts.

Additionally, in both compensation variants, one or several reset essences can be issued proportionally to the average energy consumption for upgrading the artefact to the appropriate level of potential.

We would like to offer compensation in the form of an item that increases the level of potential to a specific level, but this is not possible in the case of artefacts, because the cost of upgrading different artefacts can differ by dozens of times.

Lots of artefacts in the auction were removed and returned to the owners during the maintenance work, the commission for putting the lot was refunded.

Bids on removed lots have also been sent back to the accounts of the players who made them.

Compensation option in the context menu:

An artefact can be compensated only by the player who had it in his inventory or in his mail at the time of release. If an artefact is transferred to another player, the compensation button will be hidden until the artefact is returned.

Artefacts with zero potential are not compensable.