The program is discontinued

What can cause this issue?

There are a lot of reasons this issue might occur, including:

  • The game settings are not suitable for the specifications of your computer;
  • The game isn’t getting enough system resources from the computer to run properly;
  • Some game files have been deleted or damaged, which is affecting its operation;
  • Your computer’s drivers were installed improperly;
  • You used programs to auto-update your drivers;
  • Your operating system is damaged, or a build was installed;
  • You’re using the wrong version of the operating system.

Below there are possible solutions to this problem.

Setting the graphics settings to minimum

If you’re able to launch the game and access the main menu, open Settings by pressing the gear icon in the upper right corner. Then change all the graphics settings to the lowest.

Updating your video card drivers

Update your video card drivers. Instructions:

Disabling startup programs

Disable any programs that autostart. Instructions:

Scanning with Malwarebytes

Scan your operating system with Malwarebytes. Instructions:

Uninstalling harmful programs

Open your list of programs and uninstall any that are harmful. Instructions:

Swap File setting on Windows

Set the recommended swap file size. Instructions:

Disabling visual effects on Windows

Disable all the visual effects on your operating system. Instructions:

Reinstalling your Windows operating system

Reinstall Windows on your computer. Instructions: