In-game quest bug report

What do I do if I find a quest bug in the game?

If you find a bug that is in some way related to a game quest or storyline character, you can report it to us. By doing so, you help make the game better for yourself and other players.

You can report any bugs to our Technical Support Centre, using a special form. Copy and paste the form and fill it in, then send it to us.

Form for reporting a bug in a quest

  1. Name of your in-game's character on which the bug was found:
  2. Name of the region on which the bug was found:
  3. Date and time when the bug was found:
  4. Time Zone you currently live in:
  5. Name of the storyline in which the bug was found:
  6. Name of the quest in which the bug was found:
  7. Location's name where the bug was found:
  8. Name of the faction in which your character plays:
  9. A detailed description of the bug you have found:
  10. A screenshot or a video demonstrating the bug:
  11. A screenshot of a quest in the PDA:

Please upload video recordings to YouTube or another hosting site and only send us the link. Make sure only to grant access via the link. Do not make videos public.


Other guidelines