Malwarebytes scan

Malwarebytes computer scan

1. Go to the official Malwarebytes website and click on "Free Download".
2. Run the downloaded software installer and press the "Install" button.
3. From the device types, select "Me or my family". Press "Next".
4. Wait for the installation process to complete, it may take some time.
5. Press "Done". The programme starts automatically and appears on the screen.
6. Click on the gear icon and go to the section called "Security".
7. Scroll down a little further and enable the "Scan for rootkits" and "Use expert system algorithms to identify malicious files" options. Click on the cross at the top.
8. Press the "Scan" button and wait for the process to complete. It may take some time.
9. If the software detects any threats, add them to quarantine. Reboot your computer.
10. Done! You have successfully scanned the operating system. This programme can now be uninstalled.