MSI Afterburner monitoring

«MSI Afterburner» monitoring

Activation of «MSI Afterburner» monitoring

1. Visit the Official «MSI Afterburner» web-site and press «Download Afterburner»

2. Install «MSI Afterburner» and «RivaTuner Statistics Server» on your PC.

3. Launch «MSI Afterburner» and in the left menu press the cog icon.

4. Open «Monitoring» tab. Put ticks next to every setting.

5. Press «GPU temperature» and pit a tick next to «Show in On-Screen Display»

6. Do the same procedure with every setting on the list. They all should be with «Show in On-Screen Display» turned on.

7. Choose «Frametime» setting. In the «Show in On-Screen Display» list, choose «graph».

8. Press «Apply» and leave the application working. Launch the game.

9. Done! Monitoring is successfully configured and will be displayed in the game if the application is running.