Complaint against a player

What to do if a rule violation was found? 

You have the right to report a player if you witness them violating the rules. Reports are always anonymous. The technical support team will never reveal the identity of the person making a report.

You can report players to our Technical Support Center, using a special form. Copy and paste the form and fill it in, then send it to us.

Form for reporting a player

  1. Your account login, email address, or ID number:
  2. Platform type (EXBO, Steam, VK Play, 4Game):
  3. Play region (RU, EU, NA, SEA):
  4. The name of your game character:
  5. The name of the player who violated the rules:
  6. The date and time of the rule violation:
  7. A detailed description of the rule violation:
  8. Proof of guilt (screenshot or video):

Please upload video recordings to YouTube or another hosting site and only send us the link. Make sure only to grant access via the link. Do not make videos public.