Cooperative mode in STALCRAFT

How to play STALCRAFT with your friend

STALCRAFT has the feature of cooperative play with either your friends or other players. The squad system makes it easier to join on the same server as your in-game pal.

Simply send an invitation to a player whom you want to be in a squad with. After accepting the invitation, the player will receive a notification including the option to join your server.

It is also worth mentioning that the player limit in a squad is five players.

Parameters of joining

  • "Visible in searches" makes the squad visible in the search menu;
  • "Confirmation upon admission" will display the incoming requests to your squad;
  • "Cross-factional" is a type of squad, which is only available at safe zones or session battles. This squad will be disbanded once one of the members leaves the safe zone.

How to create a squad in STALCRAFT

1. Launch the game. Log in to the game server.

2. Open your PDA (P by default). Choose "Squad" option.

3. Apply the needed parameters to your squad. Press "Create".

4. To invite a player, write his nickname in the field below and press "Invite".

5. You have successfully created a squad. Your squad can contain up to a maximum of five players.